Volusia County Skeet and Trap Club
Fee Schedule
Annual Dues
Individual Membership…… $25.00 yr.
Family Membership………. $35.00 yr.

Skeet & Trap
Member……………….. $5.00 per round
Non-Member………… $7.00 per round
Eleven round punch card - $50.00
for members only.
Bill Brumley     386-426-3061
Jim Bordwell     386-761-1296
Shooting Schedule:  
Skeet and Trap shooting will be on Sunday and Wednesday
mornings from 9:00 AM until 1:00 PM and Saturday
evenings between 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM, weather permitting.
Call Jim Meyers at 386-295-0981 or my cell phone at 386-
679-7386 to find out current weather conditions at the skeet
and trap field.  

Sign-up at the Range
Remember to sign in on the squad sheets as soon as you
arrive at the field as this determines when you will shoot.  
(sign both first and last names on the trap and/or skeet
squad sheet)  We now have three skeet fields and three
trap fields, so there shouldn’t be a lot of waiting to shoot,
but if it is busy you may have to wait until everyone has had
a chance to shoot one round before you can shoot another

Dick Richer            386-626-3010
Jim Boughner       386-804-2239
Chris Hubec          386-760-2192
About Us

Club hats and tee shirts with
pockets are available for
$10.00 each.  Call me if you
need information or
directions at 679-7386.
Jim Bordwell, Vice President
Club hats and tee shirts
with pockets are
available for $10.00

We also have ladies tee
shirts for $8.00 each
and shooting towels for
$6.00 each.
The First Baptist Church of Daytona College Freshmen group came to Volusia County
Skeet and Trap club and shot skeet and trap on Saturday, April 4th.  Everyone had a great
time and the church will be bringing out another youth group in the near future.